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Concussion Protocol

Concussion Management / Return to Play Protocol

Concussion Management

  • All head injuries are reported to parents, Counselor, and Principal.
  • Remove from all activities immediately.
  • Student must show no signs of post-concussion symptoms for 4 before return to play protocol begins.
  • Student will not return to full practice or competition for a minimum of 7 days.
  • The treating physician must provide a written statement to the parent and Shamrock ISD indicating that, in the physician’s profession judgment, it is safe for the student to return to play.
  • Parent or guardian has signed the “Concussion Management Protocol Return to Play Form” acknowledging the completion of the return to play guidelines which includes the understanding of the risk associated with the student athlete’s return to play.

Return to Play Guidelines

Athlete must show no signs of post-concussion symptoms before return to play protocol begins.

Phase 1

  • No exertion of physical activity until the student athlete is symptom free for 24 hours.

Phase 2

  • Step 1 (Day 1) – Light aerobic exercise (10 minute on exercise bike).
  • Step 2 (Day 2) – Moderate aerobic exercise (15 minute jog).
  • Step 3 (Day 3) – Non contact drills in full uniform.
  • Step 4 (Day 4) – Full contact practice or training.
  • Step 5 (Day 5) – Full game play.