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Congratulations to the following students for their achievements:

Top of Texas Livestock Show  

Jayce Lepp- 1st Place Heifer, 2nd & 3rd Place Steer
Cooper Bennett- 1st Place Steer
Micah Shortnacy- 2nd Place Steer
Riley Sims- 2nd Place Steer
Hunter Stroope- 3rd Place Heifer


Ft Worth Livestock Show  

Jayce Lepp- 9th Place Cross Pig
Addison Jernigan- 9th Place Cross Pig


San Angelo Livestock Show 
Jayce Lepp- Champion, Senior Hereford Heifer


San Antonio Livestock Show

Jayce Lepp- 2018 Reserve Senior Hereford Heifer

Houston Livestock Show

Jayce Lepp- 3rd Place Heifer & 2nd Place Pig
Hunter Stroope- 4th Place Heifer
Cooper Bennett- Champion Black Cross Heavyweight