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One Act Play

UIL One Act Play Announcement

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Our Place is written in five scences and an epilogue.

All of the scenes take place on a wooden dock that extends out into a lake.


Our Place:

Jake – Aiden Peevey

Holly – Sarina Alvarado

Lyle – Lazlo Alfaro

Anne – Victoria Solis


Flick of the Wrist:

Jonathan – Ricardo Saldivar

Beth – Hannah Wood



Al – Morgan Bolin

Brenda – Heather Wood

Nicky – Lazlo Alfaro

Sherry – Amelia Saldivar


Tuna Fish:

Liberty – Lydia Hampton

Corey – Aiden Peevey


Stay With You:

Stanley – Luis Martinez

Sidney – Maddy McAllister



Entire Cast


Stage Crew:

Riley Fullbright

Monique Morales

Braxton Allen

Jessie Ramos


Director: Dee Reeder

Assistant Director: Sunni Jo Stages