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Snack Pak 4 Kids

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We all know that there are children who have free breakfast and lunch provided for them at school Monday through Friday. Have you ever stopped to think what these children do for food on the weekends? Have you ever eaten lunch on Friday and then not had another actual meal until Monday morning? Can you imagine trying to listen to your teacher Monday morning when all you can do is watch the clock and count the seconds until lunch time? Unfortunately, there are children in Shamrock who face this struggle every weekend and during school holidays. Snack Pack 4 Kids is a program that provides kid friendly, name brand, nutritious foods to children in our area every Friday of the school year. 100% of all money donated is used for food. If you would like to learn how to help, please visit or contact Amanda Bell, Shamrock’s ISD school nurse. 

For every beef stick purchased through this website, a beef stick is donated to a child enrolled in the program. Participating stores include Allsups, Toot N Totum and Pak A Sak. For more information, click this link: